Five Year Grandma

After 24 years apart, Ravi Chand discovers his maternal grandma, who he thought had passed away decades ago, is still alive in Fiji. She reconnects him to his Culture, history and language. Through a breathtaking decolonisation back to his Indigenous Culture, Five Year Grandma is a heartfelt love-letter from Ravi to his seven-year-old son about identity, belonging and the inevitability facing of racism.

The Synopsis

Pitch Video

The pitch presentation below by Ravi Chand has now exceeded 565K+ views, 6100+ likes and 1700+ shares on Facebook. Thank you for the wonderful support and comments from around the globe including Australia, Aetearoa (New Zealand), Fiji, UK and Trinidad and Tobago.

Thanks to a boost from Screen Australia development funding, we are now developing Five Year Grandma into a docu-series. To keep up to date with the exciting developments, register here and keep an eye out on the Five Year Grandma Facebook page.

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Social Impact

Five Year Grandma is about creating conversations beyond the documentary. We continue to meet with policy makers, cultural organisations and public figures as we develop educational resources for teachers, schools, parents and guardians around the country.

If you would like to reach out, please send us a message via the "contact" button below.


Front page, feature article in the Indian Sun in Australia.

Ravi Chand discusses the stereotypes and tropes in the Western screen industry that deeply affected his self-worth as a young Fijian-Indian boy growing up in Australia.

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Front page, feature article in the Indian Weekly in Australia.

Ravi Chand discusses his struggle with identity and the incredibly positive impact his Grandma had on him.

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A heart-felt article from Ravi for the "New Humans of Australia" Facebook page.

Ravi Chand describes the gut-wrenching trauma of losing his mother in a car accident a week from his 12th birthday.

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Ravi Chand pitches Five Year Grandma and wins the Information + Cultural Exchange and Compton School Greenlight pitching competition.

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SBS Hindi article featuring Ravi Chand struggles with identity because of the Western media and screen industry. Here he discusses his research article for the Cinespace Screen Writers Fellowship.

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SBS Voices article about Ravi Chand's life story and the lead up to him finding out and meeting his maternal Grandma who he thought had passed away decades ago.

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Being Asian Australian article about Ravi Chand developing Five Year Grandma to honour his Grandma and mother.

"It is rare that an 8 minute documentary trailer would make me cry, but that is what Ravi Chand's Five Year Grandma did".

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